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An Introduction to Procurement What is Procurement? Why do we need it? What possible Value can it add? The Procurement Police just slow us down! This procurement training course will introduce delegates to the fundamentals of Procurement and demonstrate, with the utilisation of key tools and techniques, how Procurement done well can add real Value to an Organisation.

Introduction to Negotiation Negotiation takes place constantly during all of our waking hours. This interactive course gives delegates an understanding that we can all be good at negotiation, that negotiation effectively follows a process – which we can all continuously improve. The delegates will learn the steps of the process and be provided with the key tools and techniques to maximise their opportunity for success in any negotiation situation.

Introduction to Negotiation

Improving your Negotiation Skills This procurement training course is designed to help existing negotiators to improve. Here we will review key tools and techniques relating to Negotiation preparation but more importantly you will obtain an understanding of the behavioural side of negotiations which is critically important to success. Improving your negotiation Skills

Advanced Negotiation This course will significantly increase your own Self Awareness and enable you to fully understand your “go to” negotiation style. Utilising the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) tool, through a series of assessments and exercises you will fully understand your own core values and what motivates you. More importantly you will gain the ability to “read” others and be able to influence Negotiation situations accordingly. Advanced Negotiation

Introduction to Category Management Best practice will always align with a Procurement Category Management structure and strategy. This procurement training course will provide all delegates with the Tools and Techniques to be able to develop and implement an effective value adding category strategy. Introduction to Category Management

Adding Value to contracts through Effective Supplier Performance Management (SPM) & Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Supplier management is key to Supply Chain Management success. Post contract award significant value can be added or lost and where a Supplier is not managed effectively then the Value created in a contract will not be delivered in full – guaranteed! This procurement training course will inform and educate delegates in the value and necessity of effective Supplier / contract management. We will concentrate on Supplier Performance Management (SPM), KPIs, SLAs, measures & control methods, moving on to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Effective Contract and Supplier Management

Managing and mitigating Risk in your Supply Chain Your business is only as strong as the weakest link in its Supply Chain. In these times of running with minimum stock holding to keep cash flowing, whilst sourcing from a global supply base the need for supply chain strength and resilience is critical. This procurement training course will equip delegates with key tools, techniques and frameworks to ensure that they can eliminate / mitigate as much risk as possible in their supply chains. Managing and Mitigating Risk in your Supply Chain

Preventing Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain Are you confident that there is no element of Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain? Statistics suggest that over 40 million people are enslaved globally across over 100 countries, with the UK being in the top 6 countries of Origin. This course is designed to help all delegates to fully understand Modern Day Slavery and the 2015 Act, how it affects all Organisations and their procurement activities, how to prevent / eliminate Modern Day Slavery from occurring in your Supply Chain. This procurement training course will also provide delegates with models, tools, techniques and processes to enable them to return to their Organisations and effectively implement change. Preventing Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain

Effective Inventory Management and Forecasting In today’s world “cash is king”. The challenge for the Inventory Manager is to consistently achieve high stock availability (service levels) with as low a stock value as possible. This course will help the participant to thoroughly understand the role of the Inventory Manager and equip them with the tools and techniques to optimise their performance. Effective Inventory Management and Forecasting

Commercial Awareness for the Supply Chain and Procurement Team This procurement training course provides an excellent, comprehensive 1 day commercial overview and introduction to a range of Market Analysis Tools and Techniques that are essential for all Supply Chain and Procurement practitioners. Together with a key insight into Stakeholder Management utilising a world renowned model this course will equip delegates well for their future development within their organisation. Commercial Awareness for the Supply Chain and Procurement team

Finance for the Procurement and Supply Chain Team In any Procurement and Supply Chain role it is critical that all practitioners have a solid understanding of all Financial aspects that can affect their role in their business. This course introduces delegated to the fundamentals of Accounting, the key elements of an Annual Report, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Ratio Analysis etc. In addition we will cover the principles of costing and pricing. Finance for the Procurement and Supply Chain Team

Legal Aspects for the Procurement Team In an ideal world all things legal would be left to the “Legal department”! However, with not all companies having such a department it is critical that all members of the Procurement / Buying Team have an understanding of both Contract and Commercial Law. This 1 day procurement training course will provide delegates with a solid introductory understanding of Legal Aspects that apply to Procurement.

Understanding the Legal Aspects of Procurement