Introduction to Negotiation

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Introduction to Negotiation Skills Training - Why Attend?

Introduction to Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation takes place constantly during all of our waking hours. This introduction to negotiation course will give delegates an understanding that we can all be good at Negotiation as effectively negotiation follows a process which can be continually improved.

The delegates will learn the steps of the process and be provided with the key tools and techniques to maximise their opportunity for success in any negotiation situation.

Who Should attend Introduction to Negotiation Skills Training?

  •  Fundamentally this introduction to negotiation skills training course is for anyone in business, particularly for the people who claim “I don’t negotiate in my role”, as we all do.
  • Procurement and non Procurement employees from across the organisation who want to learn more about negotiation to enable them to deliver better results both with internal and external stakeholders.
  •  People who want to learn the basics of a structured approach to Negotiation and the tools and methods they can use to achieve the best possible results.

Course Objectives

Introduction to Negotiation Skills training objectives:

  • To fully understand and prepare for every stage of the Negotiation Cycle.
  •  To be able to use Market Segmentation tools, Supply Positioning and Supplier Preferencing in a real negotiation situation.
  •  To understand your own Negotiation style and recognise the style of others. To be able to adapt your Negotiation style in different situations.
  •  To recognise and adapt the key attributes of a skilled Negotiator.

Training Methodology

Our trainers are all FCIPS / MCIPS qualified teachers who have extensive experience of Negotiations across numerous industries including Automotive, Retail, Food / FMCG, Finance to name but a few. Collectively our training team have delivered across all levels to hundreds of delegates, both domestic and Global, over the last decade.

The introduction to negotiation skills training course will be extremely participative and exercise driven, with many relevant examples and anecdotes provided to bring practice and theory to life.

Benefits of Attending

Upon completion of this course every delegate will be able to:

  • Prepare and plan thoroughly and effectively for a negotiation
  • Understand and be able to apply key Market Analysis and Environmental tools and techniques to each negotiation they undertake going forwards.
  • Be flexible in their negotiation approach depending on each situation
  • Evaluate, reflect and review their performance objectively utilising an Experiential Life Cycle Model, recognising elements that they did well and areas for improvement.
  • Understand that Negotiation is a continuously improving life long journey.

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