Understanding the Legal Aspects of Procurement

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Why Attend?

In an ideal world all things legal would be left to the “Legal department”! However, with not all companies having such a department it is critical that all members of the Procurement / Buying Team have an understanding of both Contract and Commercial Law.

This one day course will provide delegates with a solid introductory understanding of the Legal Aspects that apply to procurement.

Who Should attend?

All members of the Procurement and Supply Chain team who need an introductory understanding of all aspects of Law applied to Procurement. This course will also be useful as a refresher for more informed members of the team.

Course Objectives

To ensure that all delegates:

  •  Have an understanding of the foundation of English and Welsh Law, the Sources of Law and European Law.
  •  Become familiar with the Law of Contract and the constituent elements within it.
  •  Have an understanding of the numerous Contract Terms and their use and application.
  •  To gain knowledge relating to the Sale of Goods Act and terms within it.
  •  Understand global variations in Contract Law e.g. Payment methods, Force Majeure, Delivery clauses, Incoterms etc.
  •  Where appropriate to have an understanding of EU Procurement Directives.

Training Methodology

Our trainers are all FCIPS / MCIPS qualified teachers who have extensive experience of Negotiations across numerous industries including Automotive, Retail, Food / FMCG, Finance to name but a few. Collectively our training team have delivered across all levels to hundreds of delegates, both domestic and Global, over the last decade.

The course will be extremely participative and exercise driven, with many relevant examples and anecdotes provided to bring practice and theory to life.

Benefits of Attending

Upon completion of this course every delegate will be able to:

  •  Understand the foundations of English and Welsh Law, its history and its sources e.g. Common Law, Statute Law etc.
  •  Gain knowledge relating to the Law of Contract and its constituent elements, Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Intention, Capacity etc. Additionally delegates will undertake exercises based upon each stage e.g. Case Law examples on Offer of Acceptance
  •  Become familiar with the many Contract terms and their meaning and application.
  •  Recognise the difference between a contract with a UK Supplier and a Global Supplier and the many additional terms needed to mitigate global Supplier risk.
  •  Where appropriate gain a knowledge and understanding of EU Procurement Directives and their application in the UK.
  •  Have the opportunity to participate in many exercises during the day to support and re-enforce the learning gained.


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