Generating Social Value from Effective Procurement

Next online Open skills training course 18th January 2021. Or Contact Us for a course tailored for your Organisation.

Why Attend?

Public Sector contracting Authorities are obliged to deliver Social Value in accordance with the Social Value Act 2012. Effective Procurement with Social Value embedded at its core is critical to achieving this.

This Course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the Social Value Act, where it needs to sit strategically within an organisation and how it effects every stage of the Procurement cycle from identification of need through to effective contract management.

Who Should attend?

All positions within the Organisation with a responsibility to deliver Social Value, including all involved in the Procurement cycle; Client departments; Procurement; Contract Management – to name but a few!

Stakeholders and delegates from all across the Public Sector organisation are encouraged to attend to support the cultural drive of each Public Sector body towards this critical Act.

Course Objectives

For all delegates to:

  •  Fully understand the Social Value Act 2012, what is covered and how it applies to the Procurement activities of the Organisation.
  •  Have an appreciation and consider how far Social Value has been embraced and embedded into the Culture of their Organisation and what (if any) steps are required to enhance this.
  •  Have an understanding of where Social Value sits in the Procurement Cycle. This will be covered in detail with a number of bespoke exercises being undertaken.
  •  Understand the importance of Effective Stakeholder management, engagement and communication to secure “buy-in” to support success.

Training Methodology

Our trainers are all FCIPS / MCIPS qualified teachers who have extensive experience of Negotiations across numerous industries and within the Public Sector, including Local Authorities, Civil Service, NHS, Education and others . Collectively our training team have delivered across all levels to hundreds of delegates, both domestic and Global, over the last decade.

The course will be extremely participative and exercise driven, with many relevant examples and anecdotes provided to bring practice and theory to life.

Benefits of Attending

Upon completion of this course every delegate will be able to:

  • Understand the Social Value Act 2012 and how it applies to the Procurement activities of their Organisation.
  •  Be able to demonstrate how Social Value should cascade from their Organisations’ Mission / Vision Statement(s) through to the Individual Objectives of employees and the importance of ownership.
  •  Appreciate how Social Value impacts every stage of the Procurement Cycle and be able to drive and implement this in practice.
  •  Know how to engage effectively with Stakeholders to deliver Social Value.
  •  Be able to follow a robust process to maximise their Social Value opportunity.

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