Commercial Awareness for the Supply Chain and Procurement team

Why Attend?

Drastically improve the Commercial Awareness of your Procurement and Supply Chain teams! Through providing excellent, comprehensive commercial overviews and introductions to a range of Market analysis tools and techniques, essential for all Supply Chain and Procurement practitioners – this course is truly valuable for all delegates.

Together with key insights into Stakeholder Management utilising globally renowned models, this course will equip delegates well for their future development within their Organisation.

Who Should attend?

This course is particularly valuable for Procurement teams, Buying and Marketing teams and any employee who would benefit from being introduced to new commercial tools and techniques, or for a 1 day refresher for more experienced employees.

This course will allow delegates to fully analyse their external environment, their current market place and their Customer / Supplier base to identify areas for Competitive Advantage.

Course Objectives

To ensure that delegates:

  1.  Understand the difference between Tactical and Strategic Procurement
  2.  Are able to fully analyse their Macro and Micro environments through the utilisation of key tools e.g. STEEPLE, Porter’s 5 forces and generic frameworks such as SWOT etc.
  3.  Understand the complexities of working / negotiation in varying market structures e.g. Monopoly, Imperfect, Perfect and Oligopoly environments
  4.  Can practically utilise and apply key Procurement Market analysis tools, Supply positioning, Supplier preferencing to a product category area.
  5.  Have essential stakeholder management skills to allow them to engage effectively with colleagues and develop themselves internally.

Training Methodology

Our trainers are all FCIPS / MCIPS qualified teachers who have extensive experience of Negotiations across numerous industries including Automotive, Retail, Food / FMCG, Finance to name but a few. Collectively our training team have delivered across all levels to hundreds of delegates, both domestic and Global, over the last decade.

The course will be extremely participative and exercise driven, with many relevant examples and anecdotes provided to bring practice and theory to life.

Benefits of Attending

Upon completion of this course every delegate will be able to:

  •  Fully analyse a market place and through utilisation of key tools and techniques to identify opportunities for Competitive Advantage and areas of risk
  •  Use procurement Segmentation tools, Supply Positioning and Supplier Preferencing to determine the strategic importance of different elements of a Category and have an insight as to how their Suppliers see them in terms of importance
  •  Categorise internal Stakeholders using a framework to determine what methods and approaches of engagement are most effective in different circumstances
  •  Use a number of key supplier appraisal tools and techniques to help them optimise their Supply base.


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