Public Sector Procurement Training

Public Sector Procurement training courses delivered online or in the classroom.

We have a wide range of great, interactive and effective Public Sector Procurement courses covering many aspects of this interesting field of Procurement. The courses are held as open skills for individuals to attend. We can also tailor them and deliver to an organisation.

Competitive DialogueNegotiation in the Public Sector Due to EU Procurement directives, in many instances negotiation does not occur in Public Sector Procurement. Does this mean that Procurement practitioners within the Public Sector don’t negotiate? Absolutely not! We are all constantly negotiating, be that with internal Stakeholders, colleagues, Supply chain etc. More importantly, where Procurement is aligned with the Procurement Directives i.e. in lower areas of spend and through Competitive Dialogue, negotiation is critical.
This public sector procurement training course will arm delegates with some fundamental negotiation skills ranging from Preparation and Planning, tools and techniques on behavioural skills (including Persuasion / influencing / conditioning etc), all of which will add value on a daily basis throughout their career.

Adding Value through Effective Contract Management Effective contract management is crucial if a Public Sector organisation is to secure and possibly exceed the Value that has been delivered by the Procurement team in securing the contract itself.
This public sector procurement training course will equip the Contract Manager and other key Stakeholders with the fundamental skills, tools and techniques to manage suppliers effectively and deliver the expected Value from the contract – and quite possibly extract further value through engaging in Supplier Relationship Management.

Generating Social Value from Effective Procurement Public Sector contracting Authorities are obliged to deliver Social Value in accordance with the Social Value Act 2012. Effective Procurement with Social Value embedded at its core is critical to achieving this.
This public sector procurement training course will provide delegates with a thorough understanding of the Social Value Act, where it needs to sit strategically within an organisation and how it effects every stage of the Procurement cycle from identification of need through to effective contract management.

Preventing Modern Day Slavery in Your Supply Chain Are you confident that there is no element of Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain? Statistics suggest that over 40 million people are enslaved globally across over 100 countries with the UK being in the top 6 countries of origin.
This public sector procurement training course is designed to help all delegates to fully understand Modern Day Slavery and the 2015 Act, how it affects all Organisations and their procurement activity, and covering what your organisation can do to prevent / eliminate Modern Day Slavery from your Supply Chain. The course will provide all delegates with models, tools, techniques and processes to enable them to return to their Organisation and effectively implement change.

Introduction to Procurement Practices in the Public Sector This introductory course has been designed to aid anyone who would like to develop their knowledge of procurement procedures and improve their skills in the workplace, providing delegates with a range of tools and practical applications which are essential for an effective Procurement department.
This course is specifically tailored for the Public Sector. On completion the delegate will have a broad understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Procurement department.

Agile Procurement in the Public Sector Agility is the characteristic that will help Procurement departments to advance and thrive in the future where innovation continues to expand beyond mere products and services to Core Business Processes and Strategies.
This course is designed for Procurement employees and their key internal Stakeholders to understand how they can optimise and flex their processes and boundaries to secure improved vale for their organisation.