Generating Social Value & Preventing Modern Day Slavery through Responsible Procurement

Why Attend?

Are you confident that there is no element of Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain? Statistics suggest that over 40 million people are enslaved globally across over 100 countries with the UK being in the top 6 countries of origin.

This course is designed to help all delegates to fully understand Modern Day Slavery and the 2015 Act, how it affects all Organisations and their procurement activity, and covering what your organisation can do to prevent / eliminate Modern Day Slavery from your Supply Chain. The course will provide all delegates with models, tools, techniques and processes to enable them to return to their Organisation and effectively implement change.

Who Should attend?

This course will prove useful for all members of the Procurement and Supply Chain, Category and Contract Managers, along with any other key stakeholders (including Senior management / Directors) who may have responsibility for preventing / eliminating Modern Day Slavery from their Organisation / Supply Chain.

Course Objectives

To ensure that all delegates:

  •  Have a full understanding of Modern Day Slavery and the 2015 Act and the early indicators / varying types of Modern Day Slavery.
  •  Understand the Supply Chain and Brand Risks of poor management in this area.
  •  To appreciate the criticality of the Leadership team to take ownership for Modern Day Slavery and for them to ensure that the prevention / elimination of Modern Day Slavery is culturally embedded into their Organisations and all of its activities.
  •  Appreciate the role that Procurement plays in the prevention / elimination of Modern Day Slavery from an Organisations Supply Chain.
  •  Use a range of models, tools, techniques and processes, applying them practically to their role within their Organisation.

Training Methodology

Our trainers are all FCIPS / MCIPS qualified teachers who have extensive experience of Negotiations across numerous industries including Automotive, Retail, Food / FMCG, Finance to name but a few. Collectively our training team have delivered across all levels to hundreds of delegates, both domestic and Global, over the last decade.

The course will be extremely participative and exercise driven, with many relevant examples and anecdotes provided to bring practice and theory to life.

Benefits of Attending

Upon completion of this course every delegate will be able to:

  •  Understand Modern Day Slavery, the 2015 Act and how it can affect a Supply Chain.
  •  Identify the early indicators and types of Modern Day Slavery.
  •  Use and apply a number of models, tools, techniques and processes to their own Organisation / Categories / Functions to aim to prevent / eliminate any form of Modern Day Slavery from their Supply Chain.
  •  Create a Modern Day Slavery Statement, Policies and Procedures.
  •  Apply a suite of Modern Day Slavery Terms & Conditions to their existing Terms & Conditions to prevent Modern Day Slavery from occurring within their Supply Chain.
  •  Engage effectively with their Suppliers to successfully implement their Modern Day Slavery Strategies.


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