Total SDI Strength Deployment Inventory

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How to Optimise the performance of your Procurement Team with Total SDI

It’s a well known and accepted principle that diverse teams with varied personalities and skill sets prove to be the most successful and innovative – when they work well together. In practice, diverse teams can have the opposite effect through differences in personality creating non productive conflict. So how can a leader help to turn the diversity and differences within their team into a positive Competitive Advantage?

A first step would be to thoroughly understand and “map” the team, understanding their individual Motivational Value Systems (MVS), behavioural patterns and reactions to the varying degrees within conflict situations.

To be able to visualise your entire team, what motivates them, understanding each individuals motivational core, genuinely understanding their Strengths and Weaknesses in a proven framework and on a simple diagram is priceless.


Negotiate better & "Borrow behaviours" to effectively influence others and achieve Positive results!

Total SDI will equip you with the tools to understand others in your team, what motivates them and the “key to unlock the door” in any negotiation / conflict situation.

From this experience you will learn immensely about yourself, your Motivational Value System (MVS) and be able to interpret and spot behavioural patterns in others and know how to deal with any behaviour for Optimum advantage.

This practical course provision is perfect for Procurement & Supply Chain teams. We have also ran this for a combination of the Procurement team and the Sales team with great impact and positive effect.

Two Day Total SDI & Negotiation Course

In addition to the one day Total SDI Personal & Team development course, we also offer a 2 day combined Negotiation skills and Total SDI course – which builds upon the outputs of the SDI matrix and puts into practice the techniques and frameworks of effective Negotiation – exploring real life scenarios.

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