Supply Chain Risk Management Global Seminar

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Seminar Dates - Postponed due to COVID19 - Rescheduled for spring 2022

Spring 2022

Supply Chain Risk Management

Why Attend?

Supply Chain Managers, Procurement and Sourcing Professionals manage a significant element of an Organisation’s activities and spend with its suppliers, and can be incredibly influential in the success of their Organisations.

In the modern day an Organisation’s competitive advantage will be determined by how it can maximise its relationship and diligently manage both its forwards and backwards facing supply chains. This is particularly true in a Global environment, whereby most industries are catching up fast and almost all are on a par in terms of similar manufacturing capability and adaptation of best practices.

Added Value and competitive advantage are found here – but can also be lost here too – with devastating repercussions.

The ability to effectively manage risk in a Supply Chain is an absolute must in the skill set of any current Supply Chain professional.

This 5 day program will equip and develop Procurement and Supply Chain professionals to be able to operate diligently and effectively with their Supply base, mitigating any risks and maximising all opportunities to gain competitive advantage in their market place.

Who Should Attend?

Procurement, Purchasing and Supply Chain professionals at all levels of the organisation will benefit enormously from this interactive and immersive program.

Other colleagues from across the Organisation with a keen interest in Supply Chain risk management would also benefit from this program.

Course Objectives

By the end of this program delegates will be able to:

  •  Identify and assess the nature of risk and vulnerability in supply chains
  •  Recognise and utilise appropriate tools & techniques to deliver effective supply chain risk management
  •  Use segmentation and other business tools to reduce supply chain vulnerability
  •  Develop a comprehensive supply chain risk management strategy to mitigate risk using supply chain analysis and process mapping techniques
  •  Control risk in the supply chin on an on-going basis through the use of appropriate tools, techniques and processes

Training Methodology

Our tutors are all FCIPS / MCIPS* qualified teachers who have extensive experience of working with and developing global supply bases across numerous industries including Automotive, Retail, Finance, Food, Defence sector, and many others. Collectively our team have delivered courses, seminars and training programs to hundreds of delegates both globally and domestically in the UK over the past decade.

This course will be extremely participative, exercise driven with many relevant examples and anecdotes provided to bring practice and theory to life.

* FCIPS / MCIPS – Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply

Course Outline

Understanding the Nature of Risk in Purchasing & Supply

  •  Terminology used in Risk Assessment and Management
  •  Different types of Risk
  •  Sources of Risk, exposures and types of Loss

Risk Management Tools & Techniques

  •  The use of Segmentation and business tools to reduce Supply Chain vulnerability
  •  Supply Chain Vulnerability and the use of Process Mapping

Developing a Risk Management Strategy & Processes

  •  Stakeholders and Risk Management
  •  Developing a Risk Management Strategy
  •  Formulate an Effective Risk Management process

Tactics and Tools for Risk Management

  •  Evaluate problems of Risk occurrence, the possible consequences and mitigating actions
  •  How Suppliers / Supply Chain can help to Reduce / Mitigate risk
  •  Solutions to mitigate inherent Risk in the Supply Chain
  •  Controlling risk on an on-going basis

Quality, Ethics and Legal Risks with Global Sourcing & Supply Chains

  •  Quality and Risk
  •  Risk Management and Globalisation
  •  Ethical Practices and Standards in the Supply Chain
  •  Legal Practices and Standards in the Supply Chain

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