Autumn 2021 One Day Webinars

One Day Webinars - Autumn 2021 (October)

All webinars will run from 9.30am to 3.30pm UK (Approx.) and cost £165 + vat per delegate

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Effective Contract and Supplier Management

Supplier Management is key to Supply Chain Management success. At this stage significant
value can be added or can be lost from a Contract. If a Supplier is not managed effectively then
the value created in a contract will not be delivered in full – guaranteed!
This course will inform and educate delegates in the value and necessity of Effective Supplier /
Contract Management. We will concentrate on Supplier Performance Management (SPM), KPI’s,
SLA’s, measures and control methods, moving on to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM),
where it is appropriate and how you are able to extract additional value beyond the contract
requirements from working together with key Supplier partners.

Course Date : 1st October 2021 

Effective Contract and Supplier Management

Understanding the Legal Aspects of Procurement Procurement

Ideally we would leave all things legal to the legal department!However this isn’t always possible and many businesses do not have the luxury of a legal department. It is critical therefore that all members of the Procurement / Buying team have an understanding of both Contract and Commercial Law.

This 1 day course will provide delegates with a solid introductory understanding of legal aspects that apply to Procurement.

Course Date : 8th October 2021

Understanding the Legal Aspects of Procurement

Introduction to Procurement

This course is designed for delegates new to procurement and for stakeholders who are interested to
understand the necessity for a procurement function and how it can add significant value for an
This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of procurement, equipping delegates with key tools and techniques to enable them to enhance their performance quickly.

Course Date : 11th October 2021


Introduction to Public Sector Procurement

This introductory course has been designed to aid anyone who would like to develop their knowledge of procurement procedures and improve their skills in the workplace, providing delegates with a range of tools and practical applications which are essential for an effective Procurement department.
This course is specifically tailored for the Public Sector. On completion the delegate will have a broad
understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Procurement department.

Course Date : 12th October 2021

Introduction to Public Sector Procurement

Introduction to Negotiation

We are all negotiating constantly, externally with Suppliers, internally with Stakeholders, even
This course will introduce participants to a structured approach to Negotiation. They will learn that
fundamentally negotiation is a process at which we can all continuously improve.
Delegates will be able to understand and utilise a number of key models and methods which they
can return to their organisations with and use to enable them to optimise their negotiation

Course Date : 13th October 2021

Introduction to Negotiation

Introduction to Category Management

Best practice procurement will always align with a Procurement Category Management structure
and strategy.
This course will comprehensively provide all delegates with the key procurement and
environmental analysis tools and techniques to be able to develop and implement an effective
value adding Category Strategy.

Course Date : 20th October 2021

Introduction to Category Management

Effective Inventory Management & Forecasting

In todays world “Cash is King”. The challenge for the Inventory Manager is to consistently achieve extremely high stock availability (service levels) with as low a stock value as possible!

This course will help the delegate to thoroughly understand the role of the Inventory Manager and equip them with the tools and techniques to optimise their performance.

Course Date : 25th October 2021

Effective Inventory Management and Forecasting