January 2021 One Day Webinars

One Day Webinars - January 2021

All webinars will run from 9.30am to 3.30pm UK (Approx.) and cost £165 + vat per delegate

For bookings please e-mail info@srstrategicsourcing.co.uk or call 01772 282556

Please contact us for a detailed outline of any of the webinars below:

Introduction to Procurement

This course is designed for delegates new to procurement and for stakeholders who are interested to
understand the necessity for a procurement function and how it can add significant value for an
This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of procurement, equipping delegates with key tools and techniques to enable them to enhance their performance quickly.

Course Date : 5th January 2021

Introduction to Procurement

Introduction to Public Sector Procurement

This introductory course has been designed to aid anyone who would like to develop their knowledge of procurement procedures and improve their skills in the workplace, providing delegates with a range of tools and practical applications which are essential for an effective Procurement department.
This course is specifically tailored for the Public Sector. On completion the delegate will have a broad
understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Procurement department.

Course Date : 6th January 2021

Introduction to Public Sector Procurement

Introduction to Contract Management & Law

This course will inform and educate delegates in the value and necessity of Effective Supplier /
Contract Management, to deliver what is expected from a supplier contract as a minimum,
developing on to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), where it is appropriate and how you
are able to extract additional value beyond the contract requirements from working together with
key Supplier partners.
In addition, the course will provide delegates with a solid introductory understanding of Legal Aspects that apply to procurement and supplier contracts.

Course Date : 7th January 2021

Effective Contract Management, Supplier Performance Management (SPM) and Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Supplier Management is key to Supply Chain Management success. At this stage significant
value can be added or can be lost from a Contract. If a Supplier is not managed effectively then
the value created in a contract will not be delivered in full – guaranteed!
This course will inform and educate delegates in the value and necessity of Effective Supplier /
Contract Management. We will concentrate on Supplier Performance Management (SPM), KPI’s,
SLA’s, measures and control methods, moving on to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM),
where it is appropriate and how you are able to extract additional value beyond the contract
requirements from working together with key Supplier partners.

Course Date : 11th January 2021

Effective Contract Management, Supplier Performance Management (SPM) & Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Introduction to Category Management

Best practice procurement will always align with a Procurement Category Management structure
and strategy.
This course will comprehensively provide all delegates with the key procurement and
environmental analysis tools and techniques to be able to develop and implement an effective
value adding Category Strategy.

Course Date : 12th January 2021

Introduction to Category Management

Managing and mitigating Risk in your Supply Chain

You are only as strong as the weakest link in your chain. In these times of running with minimum
stock holding to keep the cash flowing, whilst sourcing from a global supply base the need for
supply chain strength and resilience is critical.
This course will equip delegates with key tools, techniques and frameworks to ensure that they
can eliminate / mitigate as much risk as possible in their supply chains.
The skills, tools and advice delivered in this course will benefit anybody associated with supply
chain risk, e.g. procurement / buyers, inventory management, quality, risk and any other
appropriate supply chain personnel.

Course Date : 13th January 2021

Managing and Mitigating Risk in your Supply Chain

Introduction to Negotiation

We are all negotiating constantly, externally with Suppliers, internally with Stakeholders, even
This course will introduce participants to a structured approach to Negotiation. They will learn that
fundamentally negotiation is a process at which we can all continuously improve.
Delegates will be able to understand and utilise a number of key models and methods which they
can return to their organisations with and use to enable them to optimise their negotiation

Course Date : 14th January 2021

Introduction to Negotiation

Generating Social Value from Effective Procurement

Public Sector Contracting Authorities are obliged to deliver Social Value in accordance with the
Social Value Act 2012. Effective Procurement with Social Value embedded at its Core is Critical
to this success.
This course will provide the participant with a thorough understanding of the Social Value Act,
where it needs to sit strategically within an Organisation and how it effects every stage of the
Procurement Cycle from Identification of a Need through to Effective Contract Management

Course Date : 18th January 2021

Generating Social Value from Effective Procurement

Preventing Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain

Are you confident that there is no element of Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain? Statistics
suggest that over 40 Million people are enslaved globally across over 100 Countries with the UK
being in the Top 6 Countries of Origin.
This course is designed to help all delegates to fully understand Modern Day Slavery and the 2015
Act, how it affects all Organisation and their Procurement activity and what you can do to prevent /
eliminate Modern Day Slavery from occurring in your Supply Chain. The course will also provide
all delegates with models, tool, techniques, processes etc to enable delegates to return to their
Organisations and effectively implement change.

Course Date : 19th January 2021

Preventing Modern Day Slavery in your Supply Chain

Procurement’s Contribution to Specification Writing

Successful Specification Writing – Attract the Right Suppliers. Clear, concise and comprehensive
Specifications ensure that you save time, avoid costly errors and achieve your desired outcomes
easily. With suppliers pouring over Specifications to find the meaning behind the text, every word
This 1 day course is structured around real-life examples of best practice. This interactive
Specification course will provide you with the skills, structure and strategy to ensure you produce
successful Specifications every time.

Course Date : 20th January 2021

Understanding the impact of Big Data, A.I., B.I., Industry 4.0 and Cyber Security in Procurement

Over 90% of the data in the world has been created in the last two years. Machine Learning from
Artificial Intelligence, (AI), will lead to the elimination of many existing Procurement roles. Quality
Business Intelligence, (BI), will allow thew Procurement executive to make strategic decisions, on
the move, from accurate, real-time, simply presented data. Are you confident in the robustness of
your supply chain and the cyber security capabilities of your Core Suppliers?
This short training webinar will fast forward your knowledge and prepare you well for current and
future challenges. It will help you to assess the threats to your supply chain and identify
opportunities to gain market competitive advantage.

Course Date : 21st January 2021

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